4 Best USB-C Headphones

USB-C earphones may as of now be a relic of days gone by, however, there are still a lot of individuals who just have a solitary port on their phone. On the off chance that you’re not an aficionado of remote earphones, at that point that leaves you with USB-C earphones as your lone alternative. While the class had a moderate begin and a considerably speedier passing, there are as yet a couple of outstanding alternatives that may merit your cash contingent upon what you’re searching for. Regardless of whether you need a genuine pair of earbuds or are simply searching for an approach to utilize your preferred pair of jars that you definitely know with your phone, any of these USB-C earphones ought to take care of business.

Best USB-C headphones:

  1. Libratone Q Adapt USB-C headphones
  2. OnePlus Type-C Bullets
  3. Razer Hammerhead ANC
  5. Get an adapter instead!

1. Libra tone Q Adapt USB-C headphones

Reasons to consider the Libra tone Q Adapt USB-C headphones:  

  • The Libra tone Q Adapt USB earphones include 4 levels of flexible dynamic commotion dropping which, while not breathtaking, take care of business with the correct arrangement of ear tips.
  • The USB-C port takes into consideration a moment association with the Google Assistant.
  • These have the Made for Google affirmation, so on the off chance that you have a Pixel phone, you can anticipate that they should work splendidly.
  • The manufacturing quality here is entirely incredible, and these should hold up to ordinary mileage with little issue.

2. OnePlus Type-C Bullets – the best bang for your buck

Reasons to consider the OnePlus Type-C Bullets:

  • While they don’t have the most extraordinary plan we’ve at any point seen, the OnePlus Type-C Bullets fit shockingly well particularly in the event that you swap in your ear tips.
  • At around $25 you’d be unable to locate a superior pair of USB-C earbuds that work with nearly everything.
  • The thin, level link implies that you won’t spend an initial couple of minutes of removing them from your pocket attempting to unravel them.

3. Razer Hammerhead ANC – best for active noise canceling 

   Reasons to consider the Razer Hammerhead ANC :

  • Razer pulled no punches with these and the fabricate quality here is the first-rate.
  • The sparkling green Razer logo may be excessive for a few, yet in case you’re into that kind of thing, it is unquestionably one of a kind.
  • While they’re not going to equal the absolute best commotion dropping earbuds, the Razer Hammerhead ANC do offer some not too bad clamor offsetting on the off chance that you need to obstruct some encompassing commotion.
  • To help better segregate your ears from outside commotion, these accompany a couple of Comply adaptable foam ear tips in the case.

4. AIAIAI TMA-2 MFG4 – best on-ear solution

Reasons to consider the AIAIAI TMA-2 MFG4:

  • The negligible structure and all-dark tasteful will speak to many, also the on-ear configuration makes these littler than goliath jars and in this way increasingly compact.
  • They have a great sound quality and don’t move around on your head an excessive amount of gratitude to the strong clamping power.
  • Can generally redesign the parts later on as pretty much every real segment of these earphones is secluded.

5. Master & Dynamic adapter – perfect if you already have a favorite pair of headphones 

Reasons to consider the Master & Dynamic USB-C to 3.5mm audio cable:

In the event that you as of now have a most loved pair of earphones with a removable link, this is one approach to not have to supplant the whole thing.

The link is well-worked with a plaited texture that won’t tangle effectively and intense metal connectors.

Comes in white or dark shading alternatives so you can pick the one that matches your style.

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